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        Shenzhen Hangenergy Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional power supply solution provider for various medical apparatus and instruments; Research and development,sales and production  of integrated enterprise.Main products: Medical power supply, Smart home power adapter and charger, LED driver; It is provided customer supporting products of technical renovation program; More than half of the company's technical personnel in research & development. The factory has an area of  more than 6000 square meters.

        Products are used in sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, atomizers, massagers such as cervical spine, chest, plantar, cosmetology, eye protection, family diagnosis and pain relief, physics, ultrasonic, stimulation, electroacupuncture, insomnia, depression, anxiety, myopia and other intelligent therapeutic devices, medical imaging equipment, Medical power adapters are used many medical I, II, III equipment ; Power adapters and charger are used in computers, mobile phones peripheral devices. LED drives are used in all kinds of LED waterproof products.

        The company is committed to continuous innovation and research & development, using the most stable design concept in the market and the latest safety and energy-saving requirements of the industry. The product covers a full range of 6-level energy efficiency schemes of 3.0W to 90W, and have passed the certification of IEC 60601-1 and other important safety standards. The appearance is novel and unique. The 36W-60W ultra-thin series adapters has independent patent certification.

        The company is equipped with R&D center, quality inspection center, EMI, surge protection equipment and system integrated test system.圖片


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