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    Adapter Medical adapter Charger Desktop Adapter Replaceable Adapter
    36W Medical Desktop Adapter
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    ★ 交流輸入電壓Ac Input Voltage:              100-240Vac

    ★ 交流輸入頻率Ac Input Frequency:         50/60Hz

    ★ 輸出效率Efficiency:                                 Meet with 6 level

    ★ 輸出最大功率Output Maximun Power:   36W Max.

    ★ 輸出電壓Dc Output Voltage:                   5.0-24.0V

    ★ 輸出電流Dc Output Current:                   10-4000mA

    ★ 操作溫度Operation Temperature:            0 to 40℃

    ★ 安規規范SAFETY APPROVALS:              Meet With IEC60601-1

    ★ 結構尺寸Mechinal Size: 89.7L*47.3W*33.1Hmm


        FCC Part15 class B; EN55022/EN55015/EN55013 class B

        GB17625.1; CISPR22 class B


       ESD:   IEC 61000-4-2              RS:        IEC 61000-4-3

       EFT:    IEC 61000-4-4              Surge:   IEC 61000-4-5



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