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    Common power adapter damage reasons _ power adapter manufacturersCommon power adapter damage reasons _ power adapter manufacturers

    Release time:2019-07-05

    With the popularity of personal smart mobile devices, power adapters have become one of the essential necessities of life. In daily use, the power adapter will be damaged. What are the common causes of power adapter damage?First: the output voltage is too highThe output voltage is too high and generally comes from the ...

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    Why is the price difference between power adapters so large?Why is the price difference between power adapters so large?

    Release time:2019-07-05

    There are often customers who say that the power adapter with the same rated power, why is the price on the market so wide? Some even doubled? Once upon a time, the slogan of 1 watt and 1 dollar rang throughout the power industry, and today, many 36W power adapters are at the price below 20 yuan, so really should be ch...

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    How to maintain the power adapterHow to maintain the power adapter

    Release time:2019-07-05

    Since the power adapter is internally operated as a switching power supply under high voltage and high current conditions, the working load is relatively heavy, and it is a fully enclosed structure. There is no heat dissipation hole on the outer casing, and there is no fan inside to assist heat dissipation. Therefore, ...

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    The difference between power adapter and voltage regulatorThe difference between power adapter and voltage regulator

    Release time:2019-07-05

    As smart devices occupy an increasingly important position in people's lives, with the gradual increase in functions, the problem of power consumption of devices is gradually exposed, and people are becoming more and more accustomed to carrying power adapters, that is, People often say the charger. What is the diff...

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    The little secret of the power adapterThe little secret of the power adapter

    Release time:2019-07-05

    The power adapter doesn't look very big, but it contains too much knowledge. In the past, I always explained the common sense knowledge or problems of some power adapters. Those are very common. Let's talk to you today. Talk about some of the unpopular knowledge of adapters, so as to enhance everyone's unde...

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